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Innovation Jean-François ANTOINE, current manager of Salaisons Bentz since 2004, likes to think outside the box and places innovation at the heart of the company's strategy. Charcuterie is an ancestral sector where know-how and experience are the norm. At Salaisons Bentz, we like to shake up the codes with new flavours. In recent years, we have marketed innovative and atypical charcuterie products:
  • Cooked ham sausage with mirabelle plum from Lorraine
  • Cooked ham sausage with Côtes de Toul wine
  • Cooked ham sausage with wild garlic
  • Cooked ham with bergamot
  • Cooked ham with black trumpets
  • Cooked ham with mirabelle plum
  • Cooked ham with wild garlic
  • Cooked ham with black Melanosporum truffles
  • Mini ham with black Melanosporum truffles in a gift box
  • Pork ribs with wild garlic
  • Chipolatas

Innovation We like to test new recipes which are guided by the exchanges we have with our customers. We are also constantly on the lookout for new flavours.

Very early on, Salaisons Bentz became concerned about the decrease in additives, without however derogating from food safety. As early as 2006, we worked on salt and nitrite in our products in order to use only what was strictly necessary.

As proof of our efforts in innovation, we have been awarded several prizes:
  • 2018 : SIAL Innovation Award for the truffled cooked ham in a gift box
  • 2018 : Inoval consumer prize for the truffled cooked ham in a gift box
  • 2019 : Palme de Bronze de l’Académie des Vins et de la Gastronomie française for wild garlic cooked ham and truffled cooked ham

Finally, as a manufacturer, we adapt to the needs of our customers and are able to meet very precise specifications, as proven by the presence of our products in several regions of the world.

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