Devotion to our industry
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Devotion to our industry

What would inspire young people to work in this industry, which often has such a negative image ?

To answer this question, Salaisons Bentz asked its staff, especially the younger members, for their comments. Some very positive points came out of this :

  • The first point was that it was easy to find work – it was a recognised and appreciated manual job: "I feel part of a team". "Because I know the job so well, I really am making a vital contribution to the company".
  • Another plus point is the diversity of the work and the fact that employees work independently.
  • The fact that most of the work is done in the morning is appreciated. Nowadays it would be difficult to spread the work over the whole day.
  • There's also a friendly working atmosphere with colleagues and management, which is another bonus.
  • We asked whether the work was unpleasant, and the answer was that : "although the work is certainly very physical, many of the most unpleasant tasks are mechanised, which makes them much easier."