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The company

Salaisons Bentz is a producer of specialist cured, cooked and salted meat products, employing about a dozen people. We have been operating in the heart of the Lorraine region since 1960, and are best known for our authentic cooked hams. Salaisons Bentz has recently started to diversify into other salted meat products, which we hope you will try at the cutting counter in your store.

Our production methods are traditional, and our reputation is based on the delicious taste of our products, our passion for our work and our dynamic, innovative approach.

The fact we are still present on the market today is entirely due to how our products taste. We still use blends of whole, natural spices to flavour our hams.

Beech chips are used for smoking.

Salaisons Bentz offers :
  • tailor-made ham production
  • a range of whole cooked hams
  • smoked meats (tenderloin, chine, breast, shoulder, hock, ...)
  • sausages and salami (ham salami, traditional Lorraine smoked salami, fresh sausages)
  • ...