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Quality Management

In the past, our quality policy focused mainly on ensuring product compliance. More recently it has broadened to include customer satisfaction.

We now adopt a Quality Management approach. Quality is derived not only from a systemised approach but also from ensuring that all the company's employees are committed to the company ethos. Good oversight is therefore a vital aspect.

Quality management of a product or service is a combination of the organisation (the processes) plus the oversight (management) to ensure that the requirements (the needs, whether or not expressed) of the internal and external stakeholders are met, and that all types of risks are taken into consideration.

In a Total Quality environment, the stakeholders are our customers, shareholders, employees and civil society as a whole. Optimum quality is located at the point where the explicit or implicit needs of all the stakeholders intersect. The optimum quality level must not lead to additional cost.

Like any activity in a company, quality has a cost, but this cost should reduce the cost of poor quality. A business is performing well if the cost/time/quality triptych (i.e. the resources it uses) is as good as it can possibly be, allowing it to take a prime market position because it has raised the bar high enough to distinguish itself from the competition.
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