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Lorraine, a region with a strong culinary tradition

LorraineLorraine is something of a hidden gem when it comes to food. Stanislas Leszcynski, a Duke of Lorraine and a discerning gourmet, helped to raise its profile. Some of his favourite items were madeleines, Nancy's macaroons, rum babas and sugar-coated almonds. Did you know that they were all first produced in Lorraine? And what about Quiche Lorraine ? Lesser-known products include Lorraine pâté, bergamot, and a pungent cheese called Munster géromé. The jewel in the crown is perhaps the mirabelle plum, yet another delight for the senses.

Of particular interest to us is the local cured meat called fuseau lorrain. This soft dry smoked sausage has been made since the seventeenth century. By then local pork butchers already had an outstanding reputation for their skill in meat salting and smoking.