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Our history

The company's founder, Paul Bentz, was born in Alsace. During the World War II he worked in a ham processing company near Stuttgart. He learned many skills there, including how to make cooked ham.

After the war he worked as a butcher in several Lorraine towns, meeting his future wife in Dieulouard. In 1960 he took over a butcher's shop/delicatessen at Rue du Général Custine in Nancy. Not long afterwards he started to concentrate on making cooked hams to supply butchers and delicatessens. The company soon established a strong reputation. The special flavour of the cooked ham produced by Paul Bentz proved very popular. It is still seasoned according to the original recipe, based on a blend of whole natural spices.

Paul's son, François, took over the business in 1987. He transferred the operating site to its current location: Rue Claude Debussy in Jarville. After many requests of his professional customers (butchers, delicatessen owners and wholesalers …) he started to sell cooked ham. He expanded the product range in the early 90s, trading in processed meat products from the Lorraine region, and shortly afterwards started to produce fresh and smoked sausages.

Salaisons Bentz In 1996 he stopped using aluminum moulds in favour of manual moulding with a textile and this is still the technique used today. With the high media exposure of food crises, a traceability procedure and a draft set of food safety control rules were drawn up in 1997 in response to media coverage of food scares.

An opportunity to sell the business came up in 1999. It was taken over by Progalor. This was the beginning of an extension of the clientele towards communities. Progalor being a sausage producer, Salaisons Bentz stopped producing them. The same year, the company developed specifications in order to commercialize a cooked ham from Lorraine which comes from pigs born, raised, slaughtered and transformed in Lorraine.

The company gets its independence back with its current manager. In a row, the HACCP food safety control procedure was instigated, and the traceability procedure was revised to incorporate the tighter regulations which would have come into force the following year.

In 2005, Salaisons Bentz diversifies its range by developing cooked and smoked sausages notably the famous Couronne Lorraine® and the Bâton Lorrain®.

In 2006, the ham from Lorraine is associated to the Lorraine Qualité Viande (Lorraine Quality Meat). The same year, the recipe of the “to cook” sausage which was produced by François Bentz is produced again. As a proof of its engagement to promote the Lorrain heritage and to anchor the know-how of the Lorrain butchers; Salaisons Bentz is one of the initiator of the brand “La Lorraine Notre Signature”.
Still was missing to the product range, the mythical Fuseau Lorrain®. This dry sausage, lightly smoked is an authentic regional specialty.

The presence of the company on internet has been worked in 2008. Since then, the website has changed many times to adapt itself to the new communication tools and the expanding of the geographical presence of our products across the world.

Worried to make known its know-how, Salaisons Bentz launched the Couronne Lorraine® with Mirabelle plum in 2010. This one has received an excellent welcome from the customers and the media. Once again, the company aimed to fulfill the customers’ needs with a sweet/salty quality product. This cooked sausage really smells Mirabelle plum and the fruit is clearly visible.

In 2011, Salaisons Bentz achieved its predictive microbiologic procedure. It has been made in partnership with a specialized laboratory. After several changes of the process and the control of some settings, Listeria does not develop anymore in our raw transformed products. The same year, Salaisons Bentz and others traditional regional companies from the food-processing sector set up Lorgourmet. This association aims to unite their strengths to expend their commercial activity beyond France.

The export commercial activity really started in 2012, with Hong-Kong as first destination where our products naturally placed themselves on top-of-the-range segment. We count starred chefs among our customers over there. Since then, destinations have expanded.

At the end 2013, the project pushed by Salaisons Bentz initiating this commercial international approach has received the Lorraine Export Trophy – New exporter. It is proudly that the staff received this award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lorraine and the National Institute of Industrial Property.

In March 2014, Salaisons Bentz is the first French manufacturer to deliver deli meat to Taiwan. The same year, arrived the first orders from European countries like Germany.

The commercial dynamic is twice rewarded in 2015. This year, Salaisons Bentz received the Trophy of Export Commercial Performance awarded by the commercials managers of France (department Nancy) during the National week of the commercial performance. The company received also the Stars & Métiers Trophy Lorraine for its commercial dynamic.

Then the Macao’s markets open up to us in 2015, Thailand and Chile in 2016. The little pig which symbolizes the company became globetrotter. Salaisons Bentz